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Estate Planning Services

LSJ Nurture

Estate Planning Services

Protecting Your Legacy, Securing Your Future

Don't Leave Your Future To Chance.

Estate planning is essential to ensure your assets are passed on to exactly who you want to receive them. With ever-changing tax laws and complex regulations, having the right advice is the key to protecting your home, money, and family.

We are here to guide you through this journey, ensuring your wishes are met and assets are protected.

Don't leave your future to chance; let us help you secure it today.


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LSJ Nurture

About Lisa Annable

When my Nanna suddenly passed away, the effects were heartbreaking for me and my family. Whilst helping my grandad with the aftermath, it was a shock to us how impersonal and expensive it could be. I decided to retrain so I could offer a more personal and affordable Estate Planning service. This is how LSJNurture came to be.

We provide a more flexible approach, understanding how busy life can be, and how impractical it is to visit an office during typical opening hours. We like to start with an initial conversation, whether that be a phone or video call. This allows us to understand your individual circumstances and you as a person, and gives the best insight to offer personalised advice to suit you and your family.

From my own personal experience, I am conscious that these things can be difficult to talk about. I aim to put all my clients at ease and make the experience as stress free as possible. As a mother of 2 young children, I know how vital it is to make sure you have the right things in place to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Without the correct Estate Planning in place, the effects can be devastating and yet nearly 60% of the UK adult population don’t have a Will in place.

It has become more and more apparent over our time helping people with these matters, how important Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trusts are. Offering a face to face visit or a video call at flexible times including evenings and weekends, we can ensure peace of mind to help you avoid expensive and stressful situations in the future if the worst were to happen.

LSJ Nurture

Estate Planning Services

Crafting Your Legacy, Securing Your Future



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LSJ Nurture

Why choose us?


We offer a free initial consultation, either in person or via Zoom, to understand your personal needs and circumstances.


We tailor our services to your individual requirements, providing personalised Estate Planning solutions to protect you and your family.


We want to make your Estate Planning journey as easy as possible and are aware these things can be difficult to talk about. That’s why our friendly, understanding approach will put you at ease and make sure the process is stress free.


We work around your schedule, offering flexible appointment times for consultations, so you can access our services at your convenience. Even during the evenings and at weekends.

LSJ Nurture

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